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Do you have an open door policy?

Yes, we feel so strongly about our open door policy that we allow parents to come in and visit unannounced at any time. We also encourage parents to visit the classroom with your child for short amounts of time during transition periods into a new classroom. Teachers are available in their classrooms for "quick checks" via telephone. If for some reason the teacher can not speak to you immediately, you will receive a call back as soon as possible.

What about discipline?
We practice redirection and position reinforcement. In the event of disruptive behavior, the teacher will write an incident report and discuss the situation with the parent(s), and appropriate measures can then be taken. Discipline at Cheers is tailored to the child's individual needs. We believe that positive role-modeling and shadowing are effective ways to teach appropriate behaviors. Under no circumstances do we permit physical aggressiveness towards a teacher or student. In cases of unacceptable physical behavior, the student will be expelled immediately. We adhere to the stated discipline policy in our Parent Handbook, which was developed to provide for the best interests of all children enrolled at Cheers.

What is the tuition?
Our tuition and fees differ based on age and are typically offered in weekly rates. We are proud of our low student-to-teacher ratios and recognize that great parents expect, and are entitled to, great child care. With this in mind, we do our best to keep tuition as affordable as possible. Feel free to contact us in person for specific rates for the program(s) that will meet you and your child's needs.

Do you encourage parent involvement?
We love parent involvement and strive to create a variety of events that help parents experience and interact with their child's experience at Cheers. In addition to open houses and parent-teacher conferences, we host children performances on several special occasions each year. We enjoy celebrating all of our families' diverse cultures and promote parent participation on field trips. If you only have a few minutes - how about reading a short story to your child's classmates?

What about meals and snacks?
A nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are provided each day for all of our students. Our school aged children receive a snack when they arrive in the afternoon. Meal time is a crucial part of our day. The children are taught the importance of hand washing as well as how to set the table and eat with their classmates and teachers in a family style setting., All content copyright © 2006-2019, Cheers Early Learning Center, Inc., Ft. Myers, FL

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